Beginners Project # 3.  -  Carving In the Round

Carvings "In the round" have a true three dimensional or life like appearance.  Carvings of this style, like sculptures, are carved all the way around can be viewed from any side or angle.  Project #3, our "Canadian Mountie" caricature is a fine place to start.

For this project you will need only one sharp knife and small block of wood about 2 1/2 inches square by 5 inches tall and a few acrylic paint colours.

Step 1.  First, draw or trace the front and side view figure patterns onto front and one side of your block of wood. 

Step 2.  Begin carving away the waste material from the front and sides down to the rough outlines drawn on the wood, or if you have access to a band saw or scroll saw, cut out the rough shape keeping just outside the figure lines.

Step 3.  With the rough figure now cut to the front and side profiles, begin to round over the corners to produce a rounded appearance.

Step 4.  Now, using the more of the tip of your knife begin to add in details of the face, uniform and hat.